Friday, November 28, 2014

Reducing overwhelm & stress

Reducing overwhelm & stress

Many people are overwhelmed and stressed.  What can we do to minimize the pressure?  When clients ask me this I address two things:

First, what are the things you want to do every day?  What daily habits do you want to cultivate?  Most people say something like – eat properly, exercise, meditate, get to bed at a reasonable time, floss my teeth, read, listen to music, etc.

Reducing your overwhelm & stress begins with deciding what you need to do (or not do!) to sustain you each day.  Make a list of those things you want and need to do each day to sustain you.  Looking after ourselves properly – body, speech, and mind – is the first essential for business success.  True, you can get away with not looking after yourself, for a while, but sooner or later you get sick, or bad things begin to happen.

Second, what do you need to accomplish this week?   Sit down on a Sunday (or Monday morning), review all that is on your plate, and decide what must be done, then schedule it in your planner or schedule – and guard this time fiercely!  If you make the time to accomplish some of the things that must be done, and you look after yourself well, stress and overwhelm usually decline.  Work on it for a few weeks and you will have greatly improved your life!

As Stephen Covey says – “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

Friday, November 21, 2014

Business Benefits to use Smart Debit

Business Benefits to use Smart Debit

Every business organization is willing to explore the business possibilities so that they are willing to capture the business markets by promoting their products and services and towards this end, they are adopting several successful strategies. In order to survive in the market on the one hand, the business entities are in a position to improve their profitability, on the other hand, they are in a position to reduce their expenditure. By reduction in expenditure, the margin increases thereby profitability gets increased.

What do you know about Smart Debit?

In fact organizations derive their income by selling their products and services and unless they are able to recover their money in full from their clients, they may not be in a position to derive the results. Probably they may be losing some portion of the money due on account of non receipt of the money from their debtors. Nowadays Smart Debit serves as a helping hand for organizations who are in a position to collect money due from their clients.

Of course when it comes to the services offered by them , it is akin to the services availed through debit cards and credit cards issued by various banks. In the case of debit cards made available to the clients by the banks, the customers can use the cards in automated teller machines for withdrawing cash; transferring the funds from their accounts to accounts of others and many more. In the case of credit cards, on account of restrictions in regard to utilization of money, the clients may not be in a position to utilize the card for more amount than what they deserve.

Why Smart Debit is different from Credit Card?

When it comes to organizations who have been issuing credit cards, they may not be in a position to recover the amount from their clients on account of several reasons. Nowadays organizations who are finding out difficult to collect money due from their clients and others need not worry much and they can very well depend upon Smart Debit who are in a position to offer their services in collecting the funds for them. There is no need for the organizations to engage huge employee force towards collecting the funds due from their clients and they can very well reduce their expenditure incurred in those unremunerative activities. Their cash flow definitely increases on account of usage of services available from Smart Debit.

Salient features:

The following are the salient features of Smart Debit services:

The new players can very well complete the signing procedure within three weeks and there is no waiting time for them;

    The clients are provided with in depth service;
    At the time of completion of forms, they are properly assisted;
    Whereas in the case of there is a necessity to purchase the unique software, in the case of Smart Debit, there is no such necessity;
    The limited service facility is only available from banks and in the case of Smart Debit there are no such restrictions;
    Whereas in the case of services provided by banks through credit cards and others, ongoing maintenance is required and in the case of Smart Debit there is no such necessity;
    The automated processing facility is available through Smart Debit;
    Online direct debit facilities are available through Smart Debit and
    The services of Personal Direct Debt Manager are available.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Twitter to Earn

Social networking sites have evolved into being much more than just that. Almost all these sites give you an option of monetizing them and Twitter too is no different. So how can you earn money using Twitter? Well for starters you will have to create an account on Twitter. The next step will be to create a RevTwt account. This program offers you a CPC or a cost per click platform. You will be required to share your twitter information for this. You can earn revenue for the tweets that you make. Ads will be placed on your site and anyone who clicks on them will earn you revenue.

The best way to make money using Twitter is to make sure that you have a good following on Twitter. Try and make sure that you use Twitter as much for socializing purposes as you would to earn revenue. That is the only way you can guarantee yourself a sustained income.

Some of the ways in which you can earn yourself some revenue on Twitter is to make use of the large following you have. You can take on direct advertising and target it at your followers. You could also try recommending a product or more, and have links to these products to their website. Thus you can start up an affiliate marketing program. Another way in which you can help a prospective advertiser is by offering the services of your Twitter account to promote a specific or new product.

Another way in which you can monetize Twitter is to offer products that you may have for sale. You can actually initiate an affiliate program of your own. For example, if you have a food blog and somebody asks you for a recommendation. Instead of leading them directly to that site you can arrange from reservations through your affiliate program and earn yourself the revenue.

If you have some great writing skills, you can think of doing reviews and getting paid for it. The reviews can range from promoting a product of one of your advertisers to writing on the services that the advertiser would like to promote and even promoting the skills of friends to prospective headhunters who may frequent your site.

Another great way to monetize Twitter is to have a famous user name, for example the NBA. Since several people are fanatics of the game, you are bound to get several followers. Use this user name to automatically Tweet game updates. Once you have a desired number of followers you can start opting for one-line advertising that can appear after a fixed number of tweets.

Make your Tweets on some information that is valuable and not really accessible to all. You can publicize this to only a few select people. All those who would like to gain access to your Tweeter account will have to pay for it. Thus you could build up a subscription base of sorts.

Making money on Twitter is all about using your smarts. It is also about how different you can make your Tweet account.